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About Us

18bag, which specializes in providing non-woven bags for the activities of manufacturers, as well as a variety of customized services that can increase the exposure of corporate brands, because of the variety of designs, customers in the fresh food, handbag, apparel and hotel industry.
18bag is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection bags for many five-star hotels in China, including Evergreen Gui Guan, Lao Yeh Hotel Group, Zhongke University Hotel, etc. 18bag is also favored by famous hotels in Shanghai and has become a long term partner.
18bag Eco Bag Story

Founder, Choi Chou-hing

Founder, Choi Chou-hing

The founder of 18bag, Cai Qiuqing, was a senior executive in the construction industry. During his more than 20 years of construction work, he saw land being overgrazed, trees being cut down in large numbers, and that every house built had the potential to damage the local geology and the natural ecology of the original land.
However, at an opportunity, because a friend came into contact with the non-woven environmental bag industry and thought it was a meaningful thing to combine environmental protection with business. Cai Qiuqing saw the characteristics of non-woven environmental bags that are waterproof, have high load capacity and high repeatability. With the release of the plastic restriction order in recent years, many stores no longer provide plastic bags, and have switched to paper bags and eco-friendly bags. Cai Qiuqing saw a business opportunity in this and saw that eco-bags would definitely replace plastic bags as a trend of the times. With a lot of faith and enthusiasm, he decided to give up his high-paying executive position and set up his own company in the eco-bag business. Choi said that in the past, whenever there was a project to be carried out in the construction industry, the soil and water must be carefully maintained, and the site and materials must be carefully selected, in the hope of reducing the damage to the natural environment and thus developing a high degree of environmental sensitivity.
After the establishment of the green bag company, Cai Qiuqing personally keep an eye on each batch of materials, he upholds the spirit of "green bags on the go", and constantly develop new design patterns, hiring professionals to tailor-made for different customer groups can enhance the corporate image of the green bags. With a strict entrepreneurial attitude and quality requirements, Cai Qiuqing has made a step-by-step transition from a hand-made gift and raw food business to a regular supplier of green bags to five-star hotels.

Brand Concept

Since January 2018, the government began to implement the plastic restriction order, stores are not allowed to provide plastic bags for shopping, 18bag dedicates itself to the plastic reduction campaign, tailor-made products for customers, including non-woven tote bags, customized environmental bags, promotional shopping bags, stowage bags, gift-wrapping bags and event giveaway bags, etc., to design exclusive graphic styles, not only to greatly enhance the corporate image, but also to help customers improve advertising effectiveness, can get more business.
18bag's solid quality control attitude from the selection of material source, manufacturing process to sample design has won the trust of many customers and established a good reputation. Founder Choi Qiu-hing firmly believes that a well-designed coat is absolutely necessary for a well-designed product to make it stand out from the crowd and enhance the value of the product! 18bag incorporates environmental protection concepts into every product, advocating the use of the most practical materials, no harmful substances, and no excessive packaging.
18bag Eco Bag Story





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